Jerome Coop

Coop measures 42" x 54" inside x 6'h.

Up to 6 hens.

2 External nesting boxes.

7' of roost poles.

Run is 4' x 8' x 6'h and continues under coop.

Coop shown is stained and has upgraded roof.

Standard coop comes unfinished and has galvanized metal roof.

Palo Alto Coop

Good for up to 7 hens.

Coop is 4' x 5' 6" x 7'h.

2 External nest boxes.

Entire run covered by roof.

Overall size is 4' x 10' 6".

Pictures show size relative to the "Saloon Backyard Chicken Coop".

4 x 8 Duplex Coop

Will house up to 12 full size hens.

Designed for flock segregation/integration.

Interior doors in coop and run can be closed to make 2 coops, or opened to make 1 large coop.

Coop is 4' x 8' x 6'h. Tileboard floor for easy cleaning.

Designed for deep litter method. 6" of pine shavings held in place by removable divider at large cleanout doors.

2 External nest boxes on each side of coop.

Plexiglass window flaps on all windows, in addition to 1/2" hardware cloth.

Run is 8' x 8' x6'h., plus 4' x 8' under coop.(2 4' x 12' runs.)

6' height makes it easy to change food/water, as well as cleaning.

Run is covered in 2" x 4" welded wire for strength, as well as 1/2" hardware cloth on lower 2'.

Very predator proof.